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Wealth and Poverty
What would be truly patriotic are tax policies that make the United States a more attractive county for firms to invest and do business in.
Republican leaders in both houses better be prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect the Constitution and the interests of Americans.
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How Washington Widens Gap Between The Rich And Poor

Critics of growing inequality who blame the market for distributing wealth unfairly and rewarding the rich at the neglect of the poor have it partially correct.

Sovereign Wealth Fund or Not, the Fed Has Some Issues

The Fed is now in a box where it may not be able to raise interest rates without creating a new budgetary and fiscal crisis.
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The Cost of Speaking Truth to Power

The DOJ's lawsuit against S&P as a targeted payback for its downgrading the U.S. credit rating in 2011 is entirely consistent with the Obama DOJ's pattern of politically motivated actions.
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